Pro-Tam Packaging

Pro-Tam is a large scale Co-Packing service provider with a full range of packaging services tailored to help business companies: assemble, package, store and distribute their products reliably and efficiently.

Pro-Tam’s Difference

Included with our extensive service offering are the following:
  • Our Advisory Services provide recommendations to enhance work-flow efficiencies between Pro-Tam and our clients
  • Personnel with the experience & skill to take proactive action on project challenges before they escalate
  • Innovative technology for real-time access to production status, inventory, statistics & reports

Our Clients

International companies with a presence in North-America’s North-East. Our clients choose Pro-Tam because they are looking for a collaborative service provider, with the large scale infrastructure that will enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of their Supply-Chain’s production, packaging and distribution components.

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