Assembly and Filling

For over 16 years, Pro-Tam has been assembling and filling a wide range of products in an equally wide range of containers. We have experience in Assembling and Filling products in multiple industries such as:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Health Care
  • Electronics

Our experience and exposure to different industries as well as our adherence to Procedures and Quality Assurance enable us to consistently turn out products at the quality our clients demand, in very large quantities, and at competitive rates. The following are common Assembly and Filling projects:

  • All types of POP (Point of Purchase) or Promotional displays
    • PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick)
    • Counters
    • Floor
    • Wedges
    • Side Kicks
    • Clip Claps
    • Full Pallets
    • Half Pallets
    • DRUs (Display Ready Units)
  • Branded promotional gift bags / totes (pochettes)
  • Gift Boxes (Coffrets)
  • GWP (Gifts With Purchase) or seasonal gift packs

Benefits of Pro-Tam's Assembly & Filling Services:

  • Competitive rates with exceptionally high Quality Assurance
  • Capacity to handle large volumes quickly and efficiently
  • Fast turnaround times by leveraging our large scale production capacity
Pro-Tam Co-Packing