Compliance Rework

Companies often get forced to modify a product’s label so that it will conform to local laws. Some of examples of these requirements are: providing bilingual labels for the Canadian market or displaying health information, such as ingredient listings. The following services are designed to assist you with this compliance:

  • Changing a product’s sleeve
  • Inkjet printing such as printing a Lot code, DIN, NPN, or expiry date
  • Stickering – wrap-around, cover-ups, warnings, etc...
  • Remove a product from it’s Retail-Ready Box (Packer) and replace it to another ‘compliant’ Packer

Benefits of Pro-Tam's Compliance Rework services:

  • Our experience and skill enable us to provide suggestions to benefit our clients, such as:
    • More efficient methods to Inkjet print
    • A more effective location for the compliant label that will not detract from the intended design
  • Competitive large scale production servicing North-Eastern North America
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