Our Distribution Services start with receiving, where we enter our clients’ products into inventory, and storage, then extends into Direct Distribution which covers the logistics involved in shipping your products to stores wherever your client’s are.

Pro-Tam Co-Packing


Pro-Tam inventories the products received and provides you with real-time visibility and built-in traceability throughout our production process. This transparency starts when we receive your products and is carried through production and shipping.

Our Inventory systems are easy to access and provide an up-to-date view of the inventory in use and remaining. Our customers have the choice to access our systems or they have the possibility of integrating our systems with their own systems using industry standard Electronic Data Interchange (EDIs).

With our Inventory system, we easily process thousands of our client’s individual SKUs every day, and move your products onto trucks for delivery to your targeted stores.

Benefits of Pro-Tam's Inventory Services:

  • Robust & flexible Interface that will integrate using Industry Standards with your system
  • Automation with production to get a real-time view of your inventory
  • Excellent KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reporting
Pro-Tam Co-Packing

Storage: Short and Long Term Storage Services

Short Term Storage is included with Pro-Tam’s Co-Packing services which gives our clients four weeks of free storage. This grace period gives client’s additional time to get their products to their destinations.

Importantly, we can store products until your retail outlets are ready to receive them. This buffer helps our clients by having a more efficient Supply Chain.

Long Term Storage Service is available with loading and unloading of your products through our multi bay warehouses and our team of forklift drivers. We have some additional services we offer with storage such as, Temperature reports for temperature sensitive products.

Benefits of Pro-Tam's Storage Services:

  • Save space in your warehouse by using Pro-Tam’s, conveniently located large scale warehouses
  • Save on shipping costs by eliminating intermediate transport and distributing directly to the retailer
  • Infrastructure and technology to receive and ship out your products quickly and efficiently
Pro-Tam Co-Packing

Direct Distribution

After packaging our client’s products, we can ship the retail-ready products directly to the store instead of returning the products to our client for them to ship to the store. We ship it with labels not from Pro-Tam but from our client, this simplifies receiving at the store and saves our client’s on shipping costs. With our Order Preparation procedures and our inventory and shipping systems integrated with our clients we are able to offer these services to help our client’s.

Benefits of Pro-Tam's Direct Distribution Services:

  • Real-time view of inventory by project, from an easy to use interface
  • One single point of contact for all your post-manufacturing needs
  • Less management for tracking shipments
    • Less headaches over order or shipping errors
  • Less shipping costs as products move more efficiently from production directly to the store
  • Save time by getting your product to your clients more quickly
Pro-Tam Co-Packing