The Benefits of Pro-Tam's Services

  • Less Management
    • Provide a real-time view of your: inventory, orders, and production status
    • Enable your business to focus on their core strengths
    • Our responsive and experienced personnel identify issues before they become problems
  • No Capital Expenditures (CapEx)
    • No investment in specialized equipment or training on the required services
  • Lower Operation Expenditures (OpEx)
    • Save money using a company specialized in co-packing
    • More space and flexibility by leveraging our storage capabilities
    • Save transport cost:
      • When your products stay with one supplier and aren’t shipped to the next link in the Supply Chain
      • Optimized Shipping
      • Eliminate shipping products from Pro-Tam back to you, because we can ship directly to your client

For more information on our services see our: Pre-Production, Ré-emballage, Distribution and Value-Added Services

Pro-Tam Pre-Production