Through the use of branding and advertising, a POP Display is an effective tool to showcase your products. Pro-Tam manufactures all types of POP Displays such as: Pretty Darn Quick (PDQ), Display Ready Unit (DRU), counter, floor, wedge, clip-claps and sidekicks. Pro-Tam’s Pre-Production Services include the following:

  • Pre-press for a promotion or the advertising in a POP Display
  • Designing a box with the appropriate amount of padding (Shipper) to properly fit and protect the POP Display
  • Prototype design
  • Lamination of printed ads
  • High quality digital printing
  • Die cutting

We are not an advertising company but we will make sure, that what your advertising department wants for your customers, is what they get. Pro-Tam’s experience and expertise will ensure your product is: protected, efficiently packaged and looking good for your customers.

Benefits of Pro-Tam’s Pre-Production Services:

  • Reduced shipping costs
    • Using one supplier for: Pre-Production, Co-Packing and Distribution, reduces the number of times the products need to be shipped and/or moved to different locations
  • Reduced management
    • One point of contact instead of multiple
    • Having more production steps under our management makes consistently high Quality Assurance easier to ensure
Pro-Tam Pre-Production